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Saturday Afternoon Games

Issue No. 164 ~ January, 2011

In less time than it took for me to look to the ground for more ammunition, Ricky had launched two dirt clods back at me: one hitting me in the thigh, the other smacking me in the center


Issue No. 116 ~ January, 2007

"Steve and I had talked it over for hours this morning, before the children got up. I was supposed to calm down more, to let the children misbehave. 'Just let them be kids,' Steve had told me again and again. 'Let them break stuff. They can't help it, so don't expect them to be other than they are.'"

Presented in Istanbul

Issue No. 73 ~ June, 2003

I was going to marry a Turk. But first I would face a cultural gauntlet meeting his family in Istanbul.


Issue No. 23 ~ April, 1999

Get ready to rumble, as Richard Weems tackles professional wrestling and the allure of violence as a spectator sport.

I Was a Female Motorhead

Issue No. 22 ~ March, 1999

Women aren't supposed to know cars. When Joan squats down to follow the line of a jet-black fender, or admire some beautiful bodywork, men look at her as though she's from another planet.

Comfort TV

Issue No. 13 ~ June, 1998

Diana Stauber reminisces about the good 'ole days of television.