23 April, 1999
"Shadows" © 1998 Richard deGaris Dobel


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In the City of K

Issue No. 23 ~ April, 1999

I had never been to the city of K. before, having just flown in on business the other night, and so imagine my surprise at seeing my parents, waiting at a bus stop just a few blocks from my hotel. They looked older and more …

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Issue No. 23 ~ April, 1999

Get ready to rumble, as Richard Weems tackles professional wrestling and the allure of violence as a spectator sport.

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Issue No. 23 ~ April, 1999

WWII from the German point-of-view; a study not of strategy, but an epic tale of a nation led astray.

The Last Avant-Garde

Issue No. 23 ~ April, 1999

Centered around the New York School of poets, this is a story about New York, Abstract Expressionism, and the fifties.

Car Maintenance, Explosives and Love

Issue No. 23 ~ April, 1999

A collection of lesbian writings which, unfortunately, is little more than a showcase for "a few excellent pieces within a framework of sometimes insipid and less-than-stellar works."