240 May, 2017

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Seethaler’s Perfect Cake

Issue No. 240 ~ May, 2017

Mr. Drake sat on a lone bench facing the east river—the same bench on which he always read his books, smoked his cigarettes, and watched the boats pass. Mr. Drake spent the first half of …

What Happens Before We Are Born

Issue No. 240 ~ May, 2017

  There’s a myth recalling an old man with dark skin and thin, white hair, who was good and wise in his day and only got wiser, got so wise he started having visions in …

It Came in the Mail

Issue No. 240 ~ May, 2017

“Darn Billy. Told him to stop sending me things,” I said to no one but myself, and the package that I eyed critically. The package sat on my front porch, strapped to the gills with …

Horned Owl and the Silver Flute

Issue No. 240 ~ May, 2017

When the earth was youthful a wood grew upon it, and beside that wood a village was built. In the wood there lived the Horned Owl and in the village there lived a young woman …

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portrait One on One

Interviewtf with GX Jupitter-Larsen

Issue No. 240 ~ May, 2017

GX Jupitter-Larsen has worked as a performance artist, sound artist, writer, and filmmaker. He also collects stamps, and is a devout psammologist. Much of his work is a self-created lexicon consisting mainly of personalized units …

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