41 October, 2000

"Shadow Figures (14)" © 2000 - Richard deGaris Doble

Shadow Figures (14)

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Doctor Jack-o’-lantern

Issue No. 41 ~ October, 2000

ALL Miss Price had been told about the new boy was that he’d spent most of his life in some kind of orphanage, and that the gray-haired “aunt and uncle” with whom he now lived were really foster parents, paid by the Welfare Department of …

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Monolithos: Poems, 1962 and 1982

Issue No. 41 ~ October, 2000

Among a handful of others, including Louise Glück, Jorie Graham, Carl Phillips and Linda Gregg, Gilbert is one of the foremost contemporary poets on myth.

At the Gates of the Animal Kingdom

Issue No. 41 ~ October, 2000

It’s almost too easy to start out this review with a metaphor based on a line from a story in this book. Never mind that it’s a line from the best story in here (“The Harvest”) and that it seems ample: “I leave a lot …

Women and Children First

Issue No. 41 ~ October, 2000

[Prose's stories] left me feeling that, if I approached my own life with her scalpel-like intensity, I would find something extraordinary in me, too.

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Interview with Richard Wiley

Issue No. 41 ~ October, 2000

The author of Ahmed's Revenge talks about the insidious frustration of having one's work go out of print, the backlash against workshop fiction, and the almighty nod from Oprah.

Interview with William H. Gass

Issue No. 41 ~ October, 2000

Does the word matter more than the medium? William Gass, the acclaimed author of 'The Tunnel' talks about book collecting, hidden treasures, and the current and future states of the book in a civilization obsessed with technological gadgetry.