47 April, 2001
(r[-e]*l[i^]j”[u^]n) is panel five from The Pi Process by Ted Warnell – © 2001


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Nothing Personal

Issue No. 47 ~ April, 2001

There is promise for Jason Starr, but this book doesn’t quite get in touch with it yet. In what is supposedly a noir-thriller setting, one encounters David Sussman, a successful advertising agent with (of course) a less-than-successful personal life. He never sees his daughter, his …

The Guest From the Future

Issue No. 47 ~ April, 2001

The Guest from the Future is a difficult book to classify. It comprises a goodly amount of literary criticism, and the bulk of the work focuses on the life of Anna Akhmatova, yet the author informs us in the preface that “[t]his book is not …

Among Women

Issue No. 47 ~ April, 2001

What does it mean to be among women? As an insider, or as an outsider? By necessity or by choice? Does being among women mean being in community, or being alone? Jason Shinder’s new poetry collection approaches these questions obliquely. Although his language is simple, …

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portrait One on One

Peter Filkins

Issue No. 47 ~ April, 2001

Peter Filkins, a poet and translator, has a forthcoming collection of poems, After Homer, due to be published in January by George Braziller Books. Filkins is the author of a book of poems, What She Knew, and his translation of a novel by Alois Hotschnig, …

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Issue No. 47 ~ April, 2001

I wish school would start up again. But it’s July and Mom doesn’t believe in summer camp, where I know my best friend Susie’s kissing Jake DeMoe on the mouth. Normally that’s something I could fix during recess at eleven. But the camp they’re at …