72 May, 2003
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Looking Back

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Xu Xi

Issue No. 72 ~ May, 2003

Perhaps the rather skewered focus in the West today on the Chinese-women-as-victim memoirs and dissident writing has limited the appreciation of what comprises Chinese literature.

Clark Blaise

Issue No. 72 ~ May, 2003

My interest was in the human or "rational" assertion of control over "time." We had to wrest it away from the religious authorities and once we controlled and coordinated the flow of time, all things became possible in science, the arts, the economy, etc.

Thomas Kennedy

Issue No. 72 ~ May, 2003

There, in Julio's Bar, I saw two real writers at a table -- Gordon Weaver and Andre Dubus II. I went up to them and explained that I had my first ever fiction honorarium and would join me in turning it into strong drink? They graciously accepted.