248 January, 2018

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In the Shadow of the Valley of Measurement

Issue No. 248 ~ January, 2018

The question occurred to him as he scurried into his kitchen to inventory his foodstuffs just one more time. Of all the minutes he spent at home, in his house {two fungible phrases} {or were they?}—anyway, of all the minutes spent in the physical structure …

Baptism of the Wounded

Issue No. 248 ~ January, 2018

It was another cold night, but at least it wasn’t yet raining, thought Marco.  He rubbed his hands over the makeshift garbage-can fire that he fed with newspapers and empty cartons. While buses roared and taxis swerved by, Marco beheld the city’s flickering lights, its …

Along Came Poly

Issue No. 248 ~ January, 2018

Looking dashing in his bowler hat, John Lennon-style round sunglasses, shark-tooth necklace and vintage polyester bowling shirt, Richard navigated the Razor kick scooter through the dense shoals of pedestrians drifting along the sidewalk. He hopped off the scooter, picking it up as he entered the …

A Nice Pair

Issue No. 248 ~ January, 2018

  The Last Exit: I was on the easy end of a horse costume. My pal Grant took the rear, and we cantered to the Last Exit on Brooklyn. The giant horse-head reached my waist acting as both mask and straight-jacket and descending over a …

perm_identity From the Editor

Letter from the Editor | January 2018

Issue No. 248 ~ January, 2018

Happy New Year, fair writers, readers and artists! I wanted to take a moment to thank all of our contributors. Your support makes Pif possible, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for reviewing, sharing, commenting and sending in your submissions. I …

Happy New Beginnings

Issue No. 248 ~ January, 2018

  “The scariest moment is always just before you start.” Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft   Happy New Year, dear writers! What are you up to this year? Any new beginnings? Any big expectations? Any solid plans? Any mapped journeys? Any …

pages Micro-Fiction

Sprouting Something

Issue No. 248 ~ January, 2018

Go and get the mail, I am reminded. It’s nothing more than what he tells me every day, his words are not meant to annoy, but they do. I bundle up to go outside, angry at this chore but outside I suddenly realize spring seems …

First Ride’s Free

Issue No. 248 ~ January, 2018

No GPS. No phones. No data. Just maps, and notebooks and silent moments between here and there. Heading into the unknown: motorcycle leathers and an open road. I’ll hold you close. Don’t worry about holding too tightly, you say, and it’s okay if you bump …

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