257 October, 2018

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Trust the Path

Issue No. 257 ~ October, 2018

In my artistic calendar, the new year starts on the first day of October. And every time, even though the past experiences taught me to anticipate what would follow, the second half of September, which embodies the fear of the transformation before the change of …

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What Every Man Needs

Issue No. 257 ~ October, 2018

She catches me among the Penguins and the Puffins. A nondescript lady in a black jacket, a long black skirt, and a small black straw Panama hat. She stands uncomfortably close to me as I scan the discount tables. Her glasses have thick dark frames …

Going Shopping

Issue No. 257 ~ October, 2018

This was his first time going to a shopping center with just Dad. Even though the shopping center was near their home, Mam never went here. Dad said this place was good enough. It was dark, and the car park was nearly empty. The boy …