David Meltzer: Gone Beater Stephen Bett Poetry

local_library David Meltzer: Gone Beater

by Stephen Bett

Published in Issue No. 265 ~ June, 2019

When I was a Poet

Everything was a Revelation

no detail less than Cosmic


When I was a Poet


When I was a Poet―David Meltzer (with nods to D.M., Abbie Hoffman, Ginsberg, Sanders, et al)


When I was a Poet

on a reverse Abbie H steal at City Lights

an agitprop book installation w/out much

enter or prizing, & no Peace Eyes here…


Everything was a Revelation

’cept 4 “defanged cuddly types like Maynard G

Krebs” digging your six-wing Serpent Power

fry our misspent powdered egg blues mama


no detail less than Cosmic

incl. line-out wrote for yrs truly

on David’s Copy, so sweet of you

hep to head mano a mano


When I was a Poet

at young Beat poet truly yrs was a lone

T.V. Baby Dobie Gillis poet trailing

a slow beater incidentally worth bah…


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Stephen Bett is a widely and internationally published Canadian poet with 24 books in print. His personal papers are archived in the “Contemporary Literature Collection” at Simon Fraser University. His website is www.stephenbett.com