265 June, 2019

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Kites Over Elk Grove

Issue No. 265 ~ June, 2019

  There was nothing particularly interesting or exciting about Elk Grove as a town. The houses were white, the roads paved in dark tar, and the common amenities lined perfectly along Main Street. There was a barber, a butcher, a laundromat, and a pet store …


Issue No. 265 ~ June, 2019

He stroked his thumb over it. He remembered this from childhood. Pale shades of orange with a down. It was years since he’d had a fresh peach like this. None in the trenches. Tinned peaches had been an occasional luxury. They’d blown the French orchards …

Notes for the Living and the Dead

Issue No. 265 ~ June, 2019

I’m frightened Iryna. But I feel myself becoming calmer as I’m writing this. I know there is little chance you, or tiny Yulia, or brother Ihor will ever read it, but it’s not impossible. There’s no connection here, no signal, the towers were destroyed on …

The Lady from Asunción

Issue No. 265 ~ June, 2019

The heat did nothing but strengthen Joaquina's bad mood. The summer had not yet arrived, the first flowers were just beginning to appear, and yet the climate was becoming oppressive.

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Don’t Write on an Empty Stomach

Issue No. 265 ~ June, 2019

This morning you are going to pour yourself on digital paper. The weak winter sun attempts to open the apartment with light and warmth. With your hands around your morning cup of coffee, you patter about the place, thinking of how you should start the …