Riddle of the Clover John Valentine Poetry

local_library Riddle of the Clover

by John Valentine

Published in Issue No. 265 ~ June, 2019

Perhaps it’s like the Sphinx’s riddle.

Some of us when born


arrive with four leaves. What do

we know about luck,


we who shiver in the rain like

children? We only


see you down on your knees

among us. Is it worship


or greed? We’re crushed. Some

of our weathered friends


live with two leaves, like umbrellas

in the sun. Merciless,


there’s never enough shade. But

our elders, the survivors,


sign the trinity, ancient wisdom

you never acknowledge.


You pass it by underfoot. We’re

tired of callous shoes.


We raise our green hands

in the prayer of all anchorites:


pass us by in peace.




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John Valentine lives and writes in beautiful Savannah, GA.