276 May, 2020

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Rule of Three

Issue No. 276 ~ May, 2020

“I feel like my life is a movie,” you say. We are freezing under the single sheet of my twin bed, the newly wine-stained comforter in a pile on the floor. Before I spilled my glass of Trader Joe’s finest merlot, which we’d bought to …

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“Days of Our Lives” by Joan Aleshire

Issue No. 276 ~ May, 2020

Joan Aleshire is a poet of history, both personal and cultural, a chronicler of the moments that affect all of us, even by those who change our lives without us being aware. Aleshire uses the subtlety of narrative rather than showiness of language to put …

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Seek the Beauty, Want the Passion, Hold the Wild or What I Learned about My Desires while Reading Melissa Matthewson’s Tracing the Desire Line

Issue No. 276 ~ May, 2020

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines the term “domesticity” as the quality or state of being domestic or domesticated. The definition doesn’t offer enough clarity if you don’t continue the thread by looking into words “domestic” or “domesticated.”  Domestic: reduced from a state of native wilderness so as to be …

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