277 June, 2020

perm_identity From the Editor

person_pin Essay

map Macro-Fiction

Character and Author

Issue No. 277 ~ June, 2020

“Why am I a white male character?” The author, looking coldly into his half-written manuscript, responds, “Because. I am.”

Waist Deep

Issue No. 277 ~ June, 2020

She looked up just before the rocks became roots and the ancient cypress trees surrounded her. A nebulous cloud of sickly white stretched across the sky with patches of it undulating like the underside of cardboard with the first layer torn off.

Coyote Story

Issue No. 277 ~ June, 2020

We are not always born to our people. I was born to an octopus. She had long tentacles that were ever reaching and seething and monstrous.

local_library Poetry

pages Micro-Fiction

Villa Dei Misteri

Issue No. 277 ~ June, 2020

You hand me a glass of wine walk across the floor and stand in front of a mirror and I realize I have never seen your reflection before and thought it might be a good idea to capture this moment learn a bit more about …

Netflix Thriller

Issue No. 277 ~ June, 2020

we watched free solo about the guy who climbed el capitan with no ropes always one finger grip away from death and as we sat glued to our computer screen for two hours without moving as the next american hero begins his ascent and remember …