282 November, 2020

Artwork by Hemant Rao

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“My Father’s Face”: poetry collection by Chandra Gurung

Issue No. 282 ~ November, 2020

Chandra Gurung is an innovative Nepali poet and translator. His poems are full of buoyancy and imagery. He has depicted maladies of modern man and put across the passions and sensitivities of contemporary life as well. The poetic style is elaborated and effectual. Metaphor and …

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Schwinn Five Speed

Issue No. 282 ~ November, 2020

At the light at the west end of the St. John’s Bridge I turn right and coast down to the intersection with Highway 30, enjoying the last bit of easy riding. The 13 miles from my house to Newberry Road is almost paper-flat. The bridge …

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Exactly 499 Words About Warblers

Issue No. 282 ~ November, 2020

A warbler is shaped like a photon, a round sort of softness with a straight bit at the end to indicate where motion was. Branch, sky, ground, branch. A warbler can sit still with a nervous energy that looks like flight, it hops without moving …

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