293 October, 2021

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Why Do I Love Poetry

Issue No. 293 ~ October, 2021

Why do I love poetry? Well, it’s none of the usual—beautiful words, lofty thoughts, noble sentiments. I can get all that from Tolstoy or the Bible. No, I love poetry, good poetry, because it is efficient. In a few great lines one can become aware …

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Struggling Magician

Issue No. 293 ~ October, 2021

One night you get set up on a blind date with a struggling magician. You’re attracted to him—he’s tall, a great listener, and serious. As you arrive, he’s idling at the bar in a three-piece-suit, which makes you feel guilty for wearing a shaggy, threadbare …

It Starts With You

Issue No. 293 ~ October, 2021

People like us, like Martin and me, didn’t skip funerals. Especially not our own, or his own, I should say. “Just let go,” the masseuse again commanded in her Russian-ish accent. I couldn’t blame her for trying. But I could almost picture my shoulder muscles …