account_circle by Diane Greco
After eight and a half years in Boston, Diane Greco has moved to Brooklyn. Her affection for the Red Sox is, however, undiminished.



The Art of Windows

Issue No. 50 ~ July, 2001

My mother, a painter, once sketched me an eight-pane window looking out on a garden. Just above her signature, she inscribed a dedication along with a tag-line: “We get to do the windows.” The sketch, which hung on my bedroom wall beside my actual window …

Book Lovers

Future Boston

Issue No. 52 ~ September, 2001

For the last month, I’ve been practicing the phrase, “I used to live in Boston,” but it still feels strange to say it. In two weeks, I’ll put all my stuff in a truck and head south to New York. I’m prepared, but after eight …