account_circle by Kristina Marie Darling
Kristina Marie Darling, an English major at Washington University in St. Louis, received a nomination for a Pushcart Prize in 2006. Her chapbooks include: Fevers and Clocks (March Street Press, 2006) and The Traffic in Women (Dancing Girl Press, 2006), among others.

Book Lovers

New York in the Fifties by Dan Wakefield

Issue No. 133 ~ June, 2008

...Forthright and insightful throughout, this assessment of how writers and their writing are perceived in retrospect is woven throughout New York in the Fifties, the end result being a memoir that situates personal experience in a broader historical context, remaining engaging and enjoyable all the while.

Stirring the Mirror by Christine Boyka Kluge

Issue No. 128 ~ January, 2008

"Present throughout the collection, this pairing of the mundane with the lofty is used to address a variety of other philosophical concerns, ranging from the self to the psychological, even the supernatural, consistently dazzling the reader with her unmistakable narrative voice and stunning precision."

Stirring the Mirror by Christine Boyka Kluge

Issue No. 128 ~ January, 2008

"Kluge's imagery works well with the repeated themes and motifs in the text, which often address the nature of the afterlife while invoking metaphors that glitter and shine. By using comparisons to domestic existence to explore what lies beyond it, Kluge's book renders the unfathomable suddenly and disconcertingly familiar."

Meteoric Flowers

Issue No. 122 ~ July, 2007

"Elizabeth Willis's Meteoric Flowers is filled with lyrical, spare, image-rich poetry, all of which form a carefully structured and intelligent collection...Anyone looking for a well-read and audacious new poet will definitely enjoy this book."

One on One

D. Harlan Wilson

Issue No. 128 ~ January, 2008

"I was a pretty imaginative kid. But not Bizarro-inclined, per se. My life revolved around collecting and playing with Star Wars, G.I. Joe and Masters of the Universe action figures and vehicles...Mostly, though, I liked to draw... My illustrations were ok, good for my age, but not great, and I was always better at mimicking somebody else's artwork than conceiving of and creating my own."