perm_identity From the Editor Archives

A Birthday Competition

Issue No. 201 ~ February, 2014

While in the military service, my father was stationed at Army Letterman Hospital in San Francisco, where both my younger sister and I were born, a year apart.

Magician Dad

Issue No. 199 ~ December, 2013

So, my father went to medical school, and worked as a magician on the side, which I’m sure he’d had an interest in since childhood, and to top off the act, he became a psychiatrist.

Connecting through an essay

Issue No. 197 ~ October, 2013

I have never been a great proponent, nor participant, of doing things for the sake of doing things under the guise that such activity is something other than it really is, and for me, at least, usually means killing time while convincing oneself whatever one happens to be doing is beneficial.

A late night boat ride

Issue No. 195 ~ August, 2013

Events were out of my control. All I could do was keep swimming, and eventually, I would come up to the rocks on the shore by the cabin at Rocky Point.