168 May, 2011

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Issue No. 168 ~ May, 2011

Julie had a thing for cemeteries. Her father died when she was a girl, in a sudden and god-awful way, which had always explained a lot about her.

The Cleansing of Abu Salam

Issue No. 168 ~ May, 2011

Ben-Zion watch the village, waiting for a wave of the hand, a twitch of his lips, the murmur of an order, some kind of prognostication of coming danger or relative security.

portrait One on One

Mindy Greenstein

Issue No. 168 ~ May, 2011

Mindy Greenstein is the author of the widely-praised book of personal essays, The House On Crash Corner, published and released this month by Greenpoint Press, a division of the not-for-profit New York Writers Resources.

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The Crunch

Issue No. 168 ~ May, 2011

Locked in the reversal of time, Marcella cannot create anything new; she cannot scrawl into the desk fresh wounds that shout "make me old, make me old, make me old!"

The Good Night

Issue No. 168 ~ May, 2011

I heard him walking into things. I heard something drop and shatter, I heard running water, and cupboards. I heard him open the door to the bathroom and I heard the hinges of my mom's door, then something soft but heavy hit the floor.

Answers for Are Muffin Tops Collapsible?

Issue No. 168 ~ May, 2011

If you fall in love you’d have a relationship like Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. Arguing at first, then he would gradually become gentle and kiss you just like he were eating sugar cream pie.