205 June, 2014

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Issue No. 205 ~ June, 2014

Just as she was starting to move back to the front of the class, she noticed that in the top right-hand corner, Will had neglected to write the date and time. Instead, he had drawn an analog clock that indicated 8:32.

I Didn’t

Issue No. 205 ~ June, 2014

I looked at John from the corner of my eye as I listened to the traffic swoosh by on the Pacific Coast Highway. “You have lipstick on your teeth,” John said.

The A-List

Issue No. 205 ~ June, 2014

The A-Listers favor Pellegrino and Vitamin Water, Evian, and occasionally, fresh apple juice. The A-Listers are presumptuous. The A-Listers are demanding. The A-Listers are A-Listers.

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Issue No. 205 ~ June, 2014

I remember her begging me to help her up, her saying, "I'm sorry. I am. Really. Don't look at me like that."