243 August, 2017

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map Macro-Fiction

The Hookup

Issue No. 243 ~ August, 2017

 You are waiting for him, the man who has promised to bring ropes to tie you up, you naughty thing you. It has been arranged. You placed an ad on a website for like-minded kinky men—the tagline: Good Looking Guy In Need of Being Tied …

Magyar Posta

Issue No. 243 ~ August, 2017

My shadow went missing last night. I woke up to find that it simply wasn’t there. Sunlight streamed through my apartment window, but no shadow appeared on my bed on the second floor. Where had I left my shadow? We came home late last night. …


Issue No. 243 ~ August, 2017

I notice the raven on the young boy’s wrist while waiting for my mother to obtain copies of her medical records from the surgeon who pieced her ankle back together last winter. The child twisted about to kneel in his chair to watch the morning …

The Magic Carpet

Issue No. 243 ~ August, 2017

Prayers didn’t stop earthquakes. They didn’t stop evil landlords or toothaches, but Hartley prayed anyway because it couldn’t hurt anything and mainly because it was free. What he prayed for was a little outrageous. First, he prayed that his boss, Kiplinger would stop making his …

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person_pin Essay

Deep Chords

Issue No. 243 ~ August, 2017

As a poet, I recognize poetry’s tremendous importance to a society. Still, I can get caught up in the complexities of modern life: I have classes to teach, papers to read and grade, writing projects demanding equal attention, a family to care for. Therefore, it’s …

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perm_identity From the Editor

Letter from the Editor | August 2017

Issue No. 243 ~ August, 2017

Today I’d like to talk a little about cliches, purple prose and other pitfalls that lay in wait for you, valiant writer. But first, a lengthy and rambling aside. In my humble experience, there’s a threshold that most creatives cross before they really begin to …