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Printmaking in the Age of Trump

Issue No. 242 ~ July, 2017

The next few years could pose a challenge for Art, as artists grapple with reality in the age of Donald Trump. Conservative mainstream views on the validity of visual arts have always fallen into the dubious category of unnecessary social programs or useless self-indulgence. Swipes …

Pensive Pondering About Childhood Past

Issue No. 175 ~ December, 2011

I’ve always had trouble accepting the intricacies of the so-called grown up world, finding the behavior of most adults completely bewildering. This started in childhood with the way I viewed my father. I thought he was strange, whereas he was revered by his peers in …

Literature, The Northwest, and Me

Issue No. 161 ~ October, 2010

My finger drifts along the books’ spines. I insist on being casual, skimming through hundreds of alphabetized names and titles as though they were one relentless, underwhelming sentence.

Wu Wei

Issue No. 161 ~ October, 2010

My dog leaps from seat to seat, window to window, shaken by something so much larger than herself, by the wind’s thrust against her jowls.

Certified Organic

Issue No. 160 ~ September, 2010

In a world where uncertainty prevails, even the packaging of bread at the grocery store contains strange, foreign words and place names which are whispered and toyed with by

Writer with Lap Dog

Issue No. 158 ~ July, 2010

I got a dog last week. My first dog ever, and this never should have happened. For one thing, I dislike dogs.


Issue No. 153 ~ February, 2010

"...Age, I am discovering, is a process of memory rather than actuality, and it is memory that sustains the image of the self and prop up our bones and their cultural positioning, and also takes us thru squalor & innocence down the road of reincarnative fantasies; of course, this is an unfinished piece,..."