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Frank Zingrone

Issue No. 52 ~ September, 2001

Frank Zingrone, a respected Canadian communications scholar, explores the paralyzing power of new communication technologies, while offering a way out of an age of computerized chaos in his most recent book, The Media Symplex: At the Edge of Meaning in the Age of Chaos. Zingrone, …

Interview with Matthew Klam

Issue No. 51 ~ August, 2001

Matthew Klam, author of the short story collection, Sam the Cat and Other Stories, did what every aspiring new writer hopes to do — he published every single one of his stories in The New Yorker before he even had a book. In 1999, Klam …

Rick Moody

Issue No. 50 ~ July, 2001

Rick Moody was declared by The New Yorker to be one of the most talented American writers under forty at the turn of the century. His first novel, Garden State (1992), won the Pushcart Press Editor’s Choice Award. Two years later, he published The Ice …

Interview with Kate Sontag

Issue No. 49 ~ June, 2001

Kate Sontag, an accomplished poet who graduated with an MFA from the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop, has won numerous awards and recognition for her poetry. Her work has appeared in anthologies such as Boomer Girls, In Praise of Pedagogy, and The Chester H. Jones …

Interview with Rene Steinke

Issue No. 48 ~ May, 2001

Rene Steinke’s first novel, The Fires, was published by William Morrow in 1999, and the paperback version was published last year by HarperPerrenial. The novel was selected in 1999 by The Austin Chronicles as one of the best books of that year, and film rights …

Peter Filkins

Issue No. 47 ~ April, 2001

Peter Filkins, a poet and translator, has a forthcoming collection of poems, After Homer, due to be published in January by George Braziller Books. Filkins is the author of a book of poems, What She Knew, and his translation of a novel by Alois Hotschnig, …

Interview with Tom Fleming

Issue No. 45 ~ February, 2001

Tom Fleming, author of forty books of fiction and non-fiction, talks to interviewer Derek Alger about breaking into the business and the importance of "veracious imagination."

Ann Patchett

Issue No. 44 ~ January, 2001

Candace Moonshower talks with Ann Patchett about the writing life, novel endings, and the camaraderie of waiting tables at TGI Fridays.

Interview with Michael Collins

Issue No. 42 ~ November, 2000

Michael Collins, the author of the Booker Prize nominated novel, The Keepers of Trust, discusses his dual life as Microsoft programmer and best-selling author.