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Issue No. 286 ~ March, 2021

  I immediately set the flute of champagne my boss handed me on the top shelf of the computer station. “I don’t drink,” I said, completing the sentence in my mind, especially on the job. “That’s okay.” Archway swished the liquid in her own glass, …


Issue No. 286 ~ March, 2021

October 22, 2054   Madeleine, It’s my birthday. Twenty years of simulated autumns in this place. Twenty simulated years. I once loved this season. I was born into it. But here, when the green of the leaves is unconvincingly transmuted into gold, it is a …

Meeting Bronte

Issue No. 285 ~ February, 2021

“Morning, I’m calling about the room you’ve got advertised.” “Sorry, it’s already taken.” “Okay, thank you.” I drew a line through the phone number on my piece of paper. Another one gone. Surely, I wouldn’t end up homeless on my first day at university. I …

The Dawn Chorus

Issue No. 285 ~ February, 2021

Young, rising sun. Here I forever stand and still, I cherish these first few swollen breaths of morning. The doves have paired. They wait. The first to arrive. On a branch above the holly bush today? An owl sounds the day’s first call. Retired from …

God’s Brother

Issue No. 285 ~ February, 2021

Not long ago I met one of God’s brothers and he told me that God is real but a habitual liar. Every time is a good time to come down from a solipsistic haze, he said with great care. I thanked him kindly. A few …

Whisper That the War’s Not Lost, Lucy Dingon

Issue No. 285 ~ February, 2021

The girl was draped over the mailbox like Salvador Dali’s Limp Watches, dripping down the blue paint. She was wearing a matching blue dress and he appreciated her white buttocks that pushed out like two frozen supermarket chickens.

Losing Luster

Issue No. 284 ~ January, 2021

A quantum bit of information—called a qubit—can have two values at the same time. With the qubit, you can store more information because you have information in all of its possible states, whereas, in the classical memory system, only one can be stored.   …

The Maze

Issue No. 284 ~ January, 2021

I almost got out today. It was by accident, though— I only turned this way to get a view of performance charts. It had slipped my mind where the exit was. That’s when the lights went off, and all the lab assistants came running, peering …

We the People

Issue No. 284 ~ January, 2021

Delirium We the people of Covid-19 are balloons floating amidst a wave of sorrow. We weep on benches and stare at the moon. We hollow out dreams. We walk on water and see things we wouldn’t want your children seeing. Children with animal heads. Nurses …

Long Range Forecast

Issue No. 283 ~ December, 2020

Loneliness approaches slowly. Often you don’t notice it until it’s already smothering you from every direction, cornering you in the dirty fly-infested kitchen at three in the morning while you are drunk and vulnerable, feet aching from walking all the way home in borrowed shoes. …