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Issue No. 278 ~ July, 2020

Alma had been thinking about cannibals all Sunday afternoon. It started at lunch when she was eating the roast-beef sandwich that her aunt Nancy had made, and she began wondering what baby Ellie would taste like. Nancy had gone outside to rake up the dead …

Character and Author

Issue No. 277 ~ June, 2020

“Why am I a white male character?” The author, looking coldly into his half-written manuscript, responds, “Because. I am.”

Waist Deep

Issue No. 277 ~ June, 2020

She looked up just before the rocks became roots and the ancient cypress trees surrounded her. A nebulous cloud of sickly white stretched across the sky with patches of it undulating like the underside of cardboard with the first layer torn off.

Coyote Story

Issue No. 277 ~ June, 2020

We are not always born to our people. I was born to an octopus. She had long tentacles that were ever reaching and seething and monstrous.

Rule of Three

Issue No. 276 ~ May, 2020

“I feel like my life is a movie,” you say. We are freezing under the single sheet of my twin bed, the newly wine-stained comforter in a pile on the floor. Before I spilled my glass of Trader Joe’s finest merlot, which we’d bought to …

Attic Stowaway

Issue No. 275 ~ April, 2020

Colin Pierce’s first goal was to christen his homecoming with a cold beer. Two beers. Poking someone in the nose might also be a gratifying way to say, “I’m back.” He banged open the door to O’Malley’s Plimsoll Line, the bar where he’d had his …

Sometimes There Is/ Will Be

Issue No. 275 ~ April, 2020

Sometimes there’s a girl named Sarina or Sabrina who invites you to places you don’t belong and presses a drink into your hand like a mismatched puzzle piece and disappears and finds you again later and walks you to the bathroom and holds your hair …

Traces of Watercolor Over Pen and Ink

Issue No. 274 ~ March, 2020

The Fundamentals: Fifty years ago my mother laughed with our neighbor George Evers on his porch while my little brother Will flew into a rose bush. Of all the memories of my childhood this is the one that keeps resurfacing.   The Perfume: My mother’s …


Issue No. 274 ~ March, 2020

I. The President of the Strongest Country in the World sits quietly, alone, in the Situation Room of the president’s Historic Dwelling. He is vaguely aware of a tiny, almost pleasant, pressure deep inside his brain. A very large screen television is on, turned to …

Bloody Walls

Issue No. 274 ~ March, 2020

You could say that this a story within a story within a story. Please understand. I am a novice writer, so I shall tell my story as it comes to me. I have limited resources; one leather-bound notebook, one pen and one bottle of ink …