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Alan and Alexa

Issue No. 269 ~ October, 2019

“One might say that the ancient right to take life…was replaced by a power to foster life, or disallow it to the point of death.” — Michel Foucault, “History of Sexuality, Vol. 1.”                         …


Issue No. 269 ~ October, 2019

The door was locked but a sign pressed against the pane read ‘OPEN’, so I pushed my thumb against the buzzer and waited. The window-display – a mass of objects arranged over dark, velvet-covered blocks – was as crowded and glittering as a city skyline. …

An Ellipsis

Issue No. 268 ~ September, 2019

Morgan picked me up in a borrowed car. She called it Bella. Bella wasn’t pretty. The bare trees slipped fast by the passenger window. I had flown straight from my last gig at a festival in Arizona into the pit of winter in the northeast. …

The Movie

Issue No. 268 ~ September, 2019

The movie came out on a Wednesday. By Thursday, the majority of kids at school were talking about it, and by Friday, everyone was.   “Best movie of the year,” said Tubby Newton.   “Best movie of the decade,” said Sam Winn.   “Best movie …

A Long Marriage

Issue No. 268 ~ September, 2019

We live together in a museum, she and I, where the artifacts are us. We are like old bits of rock, pressed flowers, tattered letters and cracked pottery. We go to bed as relics among relics, noting each other’s antiquity. Have we any collectors’ value? …


Issue No. 268 ~ September, 2019

Stars and Stripes Features Editor Darrell Sternwald hopped down from the back steps of the tram and promptly slipped on the wet cobblestones and fell flat on his face. As he peered around him the blurry faces of boarding passengers staring down at him appeared …

A Tale of Two Birds

Issue No. 267 ~ August, 2019

There was a Tulip tree, older than anyone’s eyes could remember, that stole the valley. The old Tulip tree stood next to a river, who’s fervour had somewhat diminished in the current, torrid, summer months. Sounds of water lazily treading over the stones and the …

Master of the Art

Issue No. 267 ~ August, 2019

I work for an author. I can’t tell you her name, so I’ll call her Madame. I’m quite certain you know her work. She practically resides on the Times’ best-seller list. No doubt you read her last book, which caused a stir. Almost certainly you’re …

Laos, Interrupted

Issue No. 267 ~ August, 2019

The author wanted to write a coherent account of her two years living in Laos but a Russian hacker sent her a virus that made all of her word documents leap together like lovers. What follows are two different accounts of her two years in Laos- one from year one, one from year two- as she kept crossing the divide between confusion and confusion.

Across the Country, in Albuquerque

Issue No. 266 ~ July, 2019

Last I knew she was heading to Albuquerque to live with her father. The father who moved there months earlier with his new wife, the one who let us stay up late watching movies on the weekends when I often slept over. The same father …