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The Road Home

Issue No. 11 ~ April, 1998

A reluctant soldier keeps the final promise made to his fallen comrade.

The Modern Debutante

Issue No. 10 ~ January, 1998

“The crowd is untruth.”           — Soren Kierkegaard The young man felt the burden of his epiphany. People needed telling. The problem was getting them to listen. Rush, rush, rush everywhere — so unsettling. People busy ‘getting ahead,’ and finding that ahead, by its very …

Out of the Flats

Issue No. 10 ~ January, 1998

The sky over Crystal City was the color of blue flame; the glass skyline reflected shimmering silvers and golds, achieving an aesthetic ugliness that comes from a kind of sterile perfection. It was if the entire city was hiding behind one way mirrors, and if …

Tourists & Residents

Issue No. 9 ~ October, 1997

She is on a towel. She is on a beach. There are towels on all sides. Candy wrappers and tissue stick to the towels. The water is warm and full of people. The waves are not high. She watches her friend. He is at the …

The Lure

Issue No. 9 ~ October, 1997

An early February snowstorm raged tonelessly outside the office of Carl Drubner, patent attorney, swirling white hills and humps across the stretch of roof outside his window. The snow had begun as long ago as Drubner could remember, which was that morning when he woke …


Issue No. 9 ~ October, 1997

Leocadia and little Rosario are outside watching the woodcutter chip away at a diseased trunk. I’m alone to peer at my murals while I reflect on my imminent departure from Quinta del Sorda. I’m not disheartened by my having to pack up and move out. …


Issue No. 7 ~ April, 1997

We were all glitter and flash, still trying to squeeze some cultural juice out of what we thought was a legacy that had been handed to us from that decade just a few years before, not quite heavy metal kids, but more like California mods, …

The Lesson

Issue No. 5 ~ October, 1996

Joe and Henry lived upstairs in my college dorm. They were a pair of druggies from rural Kentucky who never went to class, except maybe once in a while to see how it felt on a hit of acid of something. There was always a …

Dialogue in Prague

Issue No. 5 ~ October, 1996

“Pivo,” the woman in cutoffs said to the waitress. “What did you say?” the man with golden hair asked. “I ordered us some more beer. Is that okay?” “Yeah, that’s good.” The streets of Prague were full of musicians and cafés. Men and women with …


Issue No. 4 ~ July, 1996

Lilly was a voracious girl, craving everything that came before her. Chocolates were the more obvious objects of her desire. Remnants of their brief visits littered themselves in the bowels of her purse, or could be found wadded up into small, tightly wound balls tossed …