241 June, 2017

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The Coffee-Wallah Who Wasn’t There

Issue No. 241 ~ June, 2017

“How much?” I asked. “30 rupees,” he said, as he passed two steaming Styrofoam cups of coffee through the car window. He looked distracted, looking over his shoulder. I sipped my coffee and passed on …


Issue No. 241 ~ June, 2017

Today I became November. The vote was five to four with one abstention; January always abstains. For no requirement forces his lack of action in voting; only custom. January rules by custom. Today was no …

The Boat

Issue No. 241 ~ June, 2017

P.J. Combs was being stalked by a very determined speedboat. He didn’t like it one bit. Anyone close enough to P.J. could see the beads of sweat glisten on his forehead as he hurried across …

The Tale of Tianshui

Issue No. 241 ~ June, 2017

Once up on a time in the kingdom of Kwan lived a secluded order of monks know as The Secluded Order of Monks. They lived out their days in a remote monastery high up in …

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perm_identity From the Editor

Letter From The Editor | June 2017

Issue No. 241 ~ June, 2017

  “I have this crushing anxiety every time I submit anything,” I tell this woman–essentially a stranger–sitting across from me. Her brown hair is trimmed into a straight, clean line and she has these beautifully …