24 May, 1999

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Issue No. 24 ~ May, 1999

I alight. My baseball cap placed on the seat cushion, though not before a brisk shake to avoid as much as humanly possible a rim-wide ring of wet where I am to eventually deposit myself into sitting position and face her once again. Here she …

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Zootown, USA

Issue No. 24 ~ May, 1999

One morning at the St. Louis Zoo, the Camel and the Giraffe got to talking. "What the hell are we doing in St. Louis?" the Giraffe asked. "I’m on the outskirts of Riyadh back in ’89," the Camel said, "113 in the goddamn shade. People …

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Sabbathday River

Issue No. 24 ~ May, 1999

Suffering from the lack of appealing characters ... Korelitz's writing varies from pedestrian ... to pretentious ... to inept.

Planet Doonesbury

Issue No. 24 ~ May, 1999

The best thing about Trudeau's political wit is that no one is immune from it ... Trudeau takes shots at liberal parents and conspiracy buffs alike.

Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

Issue No. 24 ~ May, 1999

Dillard is teaching us to see. She wants us to be totally immersed in the present, because some day soon 'we die and are put in the earth forever.