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Scars of Sweet Paradise

Issue No. 26 ~ July, 1999

Janis [Joplin's] story is a thrilling, inspiring, and finally a heartbreaking one, and even with her flaws Echols is an excellent guide...

White Lies: Race and the Myths of Whiteness

Issue No. 25 ~ June, 1999

I wanted to like this book. A combination of memoir and extended musing on race and race theory, White Lies is the work of Maurice Berger, a white boy who grew up Jewish in a largely black Lower East Side housing project. His father was …

Planet Doonesbury

Issue No. 24 ~ May, 1999

The best thing about Trudeau's political wit is that no one is immune from it ... Trudeau takes shots at liberal parents and conspiracy buffs alike.

Sabbathday River

Issue No. 24 ~ May, 1999

Suffering from the lack of appealing characters ... Korelitz's writing varies from pedestrian ... to pretentious ... to inept.

Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

Issue No. 24 ~ May, 1999

Dillard is teaching us to see. She wants us to be totally immersed in the present, because some day soon 'we die and are put in the earth forever.


Issue No. 23 ~ April, 1999

WWII from the German point-of-view; a study not of strategy, but an epic tale of a nation led astray.

Car Maintenance, Explosives and Love

Issue No. 23 ~ April, 1999

A collection of lesbian writings which, unfortunately, is little more than a showcase for "a few excellent pieces within a framework of sometimes insipid and less-than-stellar works."

The Last Avant-Garde

Issue No. 23 ~ April, 1999

Centered around the New York School of poets, this is a story about New York, Abstract Expressionism, and the fifties.

Going Native

Issue No. 22 ~ March, 1999

Going Native possesses both the crude, offensive, and blaring nature to hold the interest of a Stephen King fan as well as sufficient ironic wit, intelligence, and bizarre brilliance to keep those of us who finished Don DeLillo's Underworld interested....


Issue No. 22 ~ March, 1999

As the book jacket proclaims, "it's more than a mechanic's memoir: it is a meditation on machines, metaphysics, and the moral universe." Jerome is curmudgeonly in the best New England intellectual tradition, but he's also astonishingly down to earth...