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Diane Lockward

Issue No. 163 ~ December, 2010

Diane Lockward is the author of four collections of poetry, including her most recent work, Temptation by Water (Wind Publications, 2010). Her previous works are What Feeds Us (Wind Publications, 2006), winner of the Quentin R. Howard Poetry Prize; Eve's Red Dress (Wind Publications, 2003); and a chapbook, Against Perfection (Poet's Forum Press, 1998).

Benjamin Percy

Issue No. 163 ~ December, 2010

Benjamin Percy is the author of the recently published novel, The Wilding (Graywolf, 2010), and two collections of short stories, Refresh, Refresh (Graywolf, 2007) and The Language of Elk (Carnegie Mellon, 2006).

Mark Goldblatt

Issue No. 162 ~ November, 2010

I’m not a natural performer; if the material isn’t up to par, I have the potential to bomb in a big way. But the book is funny, or at least it’s meant to be funny, and it’s full of word play, and that sort of thing tends to work when read aloud. What’s Chuckles the Clown’s motto? “A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants.”

Kelly Cherry

Issue No. 161 ~ October, 2010

Kelly Cherry is the author of nineteen books of fiction -- both novels and collections of stories -- poetry, memoir, essay, and criticism. Cherry's short fiction has been reprinted in Best American Short Stories, Prize Stories: The O. Henry Awards, The Pushcart Prize, and New Stories from the South, and has won three PEN/Syndicated Fiction Awards.

Nancy White

Issue No. 159 ~ August, 2010

Nancy White’s most recent poetry collection, Detour, was published by Tamarack Editions (March, 2010). Her first poetry collection, Sun, Moon, Salt, won the Washington Prize for Poetry in 1992. White currently teaches English at Adirondack Community College, after previously teaching at St. Ann’s School in …

Brenda Eisenberg

Issue No. 158 ~ July, 2010

This feels like an important story to write. For one thing, it offers a fresh angle on the apartheid story, through the eyes of a young orthodox Jew. But also, it looks at powerlessness in the face of a system you feel you can’t change and how young people turn to extreme solutions when they experience that impotence.

Marisa Silver

Issue No. 158 ~ July, 2010

Marisa Silver, who made her fiction debut in The New Yorker when she was featured in that magazine’s first “Debut Fiction” issue, is the author of two novels and two story collections, her most recent collection, Alone With You, published by Simon & Schuster earlier …

Indie Spirit Films

Issue No. 157 ~ June, 2010

Pif Magazine contributing editor Derek Alger caught up with Aria Alexandra, the creative spirit behind Independent Spirit Films of Seattle. Alexandra recently completed her first short film SPIDER, a neo-noir crime drama, where she served as the writer, director, producer, set-designer, editor, and composer. SPIDER …

Lance Olsen

Issue No. 151 ~ December, 2009

"Realize, along with T. S. Eliot, that only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. Reach out and support other writers. Understand this writing thing isn't a competition; all of us can win all the time. Think of yourself as part of a conversation about the big stuff of life and narrative that extends across time and space, and ask yourself where your voice fits in, how you can help other voices be heard. And if you plan to write for fame or fortune, do something else . . . immediately."

Julie Kane

Issue No. 148 ~ September, 2009

"...Diane Ackerman took two of my poems for 'Epoch' when she was the poetry editor -- I was an undergrad and she was in the PhD program, so I was thrilled beyond belief that she considered me a "real poet." T. Coraghessen Boyle, Marilyn Hacker, and Sandra Gilbert all had work in that Winter 1974 issue of 'Epoch'. Maybe I'll be able to sell my copy on eBay to fund my retirement."