238 March, 2017

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Book Review: The Painted Gun by Bradley Spinelli

Issue No. 238 ~ March, 2017

    In many ways a classic noir, Bradley Spinelli’s new novel, The Painted Gun, is told with enough excess and deadpan wit to keep it from feeling stale. David “Itchy” Crane is an information …

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Issue No. 238 ~ March, 2017

Muffled excitement murmurs from the floor below, but Mathew drowns it out with his thoughts. Alone in his childhood bedroom, he twirls a mini Eiffel Tower figurine between his fingers. His jacket lies slung on …

Milky Blue

Issue No. 238 ~ March, 2017

I called a friend and we talked about the variables in crossing a street, like what if halfway across you realize that there is nothing on that sidewalk in front of you that will make …


Issue No. 238 ~ March, 2017

    “You know some guy they call the Professor?” “Who?” “The Professor.” “That’s a weird name.” “Yeah it is.” The RPG round floated down Sacramento Street as if suspended on a wire, whistling past …