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A Poet Asking for Mercy

Issue No. 275 ~ April, 2020

Hello, my dear writers and readers! Here we are, entering April, our beloved National Poetry Month under the unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic, and I am trying to write an encouraging letter as if I am coming from our bright near future, bringing the good news. That …

Spring Cleaning

Issue No. 264 ~ May, 2019

Thoughts on the noise, the wind, and the spring cleaning of space and mind; Writers on Instagram; the question of self-branding; on #voice, #Image #autonomy, #authenticity, and #dandelioninthewind; on the authorial autonomy of Elena Ferrante.

Cities and Reflections

Issue No. 262 ~ March, 2019

People observe cities differently. One friend looks from the ground up, another from the top down. I look for reflections, my friend L pays attention to the city’s movements. She embraces or rejects places; I meditate on them. Perhaps, all these thoughts came to me as the result of L’s sudden urgency to relocate to Los Angeles. Perhaps, I am envious because I didn’t find that seductive sentiment of belonging that I sometimes see in other places away from home. That grounding, earthly sense that takes over my body in New York, pulling me deeper and deeper into the city. Is this the fault of the city’s geography, colors, shapes, attitude, or character? None or all of the mentioned?

The Art of Truthtelling

Issue No. 261 ~ February, 2019

As writers, we do what we know and whatever we can in order to understand, measure, examine, endure the world we live in. The world that amazes us, confuses us, hurts us. The world that accepts us or works against us. The world we cannot separate ourselves from.

Letter from the Editor: January 2019

Issue No. 260 ~ January, 2019

Happy New Year! This year brings some fun and exciting new changes to Pif Magazine. As loyal readers know, we have an incredible staff of literary ladies who work hard to sift through submissions every month. Beginning in February, Alexandra Panic will step into the …

On Color

Issue No. 259 ~ December, 2018

“Our lives are saturated by color. The sky above us is blue (or gray or pink or purple or nearly black). The grass we walk on is green, though sometimes it is brown. Our skin has color, though not exactly the color we normally ascribe …

In Constellation of Sagittarius

Issue No. 258 ~ November, 2018

In just a few days, on November 8, 2018, the planet Jupiter will enter the constellation of Sagittarius, meaning that, after twelve long years or roaming through other constellations, Jupiter will return home. Born with the Sun in Sagittarius, I have been waiting for this …

Trust the Path

Issue No. 257 ~ October, 2018

In my artistic calendar, the new year starts on the first day of October. And every time, even though the past experiences taught me to anticipate what would follow, the second half of September, which embodies the fear of the transformation before the change of …

Falling in Love with Mrs. Maisel

Issue No. 249 ~ February, 2018

The month of January defeated me with its cold weather and harsh viral infections, so I had no other choice but to accept my weariness, snuggle by the fireplace, and watch television. Thanks to the ridiculous assortment of options I can browse from (Netflix, Amazon, …